Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Musings - August 2, 2010

1. It's August already? What happened to July?

2. Sunrise and sunset today are combining to make today 2 minutes shorter of daylight than yesterday.

3. And so it is off to work today--the first time in over two weeks that I will be wearing long pants and shoes. Should be a lot of fun.

4. I was having so much fun on vacation last week that I totally forgot to write Monday Musings and no one missed them.

5. The oil spill in the Gulf is turned off but the disaster continues.

6. Question: If the people who run WikiLeaks knew they were publishing US Govt classified information, why shouldn't they go to jail for treason or espionage? Is it not the responsibility of all citizens to protect US classified information? I'm confused!

7. Have a positive outlook for the day and it may surprise you and be a good day!

8. Do not despair the passing of July because August is still summer!

9. As of today the Orioles have a new manager--they still are the worst team in baseball though.

10. Chris and I saw two movies alone as a couple while on vacation We believe it has been probably over a year since we have seen a movie together and alone. We enjoyed it.

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