Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More government in our lives is not the answer? Really?

I was reading through the blogs and papers yesterday about the economy and the dilemma that we seem to find ourselves in.

I came away from reading some of the articles believing that bigger government is not having the desired impact on the economy..


I think I have heard that somewhere before when a new president took the reigns of a crumbling economy--and then he turned it around.

I was reading an article on FoxBusiness.com about another coming stimulus package and had my eyes opened about the current situation. The article was titled "Watch Out, More Government 'Stimulus' is Coming!"

Really--I feel pretty stimulated already. I sure don't have much more to spend, but I am stimulated.

FoxBusiness made the following statement: "The folks in the White House are true believers. They really believed that bigger government could solve our economic problems."

And then they went on to write about how the White House needs a radical solution, but that Fox was proposing a different kind of radical--that in the form of Ronald Reagan. They wrote: "Most of all, Reagan had the same radical view of government that our founders had: That government is the problem, not the solution; that policies should be developed to keep government out of our lives, not give government control over our lives; that the way to turn our economy and our spirits around was to put our faith in the individual, not the state."

Of course, anyone who knows me knows that President Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes. He was a man who could help me see his vision. He had a vision for America, and he had a way of sharing that vision so that common people like me could understand it.

I remember the labels of "voodoo economics" which were slapped on his policies.

But you know what--his policies worked. This country went from double digit inflation, yes, I bought a house once with a mortgage interest rate of 11.75 percent and thought I had received a good deal, to single digit manageable inflation,. Not like the deflation we are experiencing now, but an economic recovery that sustained this country and the entire world for over 20 years.

President Reagan made the following statement in his Second Inaugural Address:
"There are no limits to growth and human progress when men and women are free to follow their dreams."

Fox Business wrote this about Reagan in closing the article:
"That's the kind of radical vision we need now. Not one based on models that failed us in the '30s, but based on the policies that turned our economy and our spirits around in the '80s."

I guess I am not ready to say that economic stimulus has not worked, but it sure seems to have made a few people rich--and those people were the cause of the problems in the first place. And the rest of us are going to be left with higher tax bills to show for the government's intervention into the economy.
It is almost like a dream come true. Oops, sorry, a nightmare.

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