Friday, July 23, 2010

Tropical Storm Bonnie

Experiencing all kinds of things on vacation is what it is all about right?

Well today we are on the northern edge of Tropical Storm Bonnie--sunny right over top of us on occasion and very grim to the south over West Palm Beach and further south to Miami.

The waves are rough--I'm glad we went fishing yesterday, we would all probably get sick today on the boat, even if they go out.

Chris and Nicole have gone to the beach to shoot some shots of the power of the storm as seen in the waves crashing on the beach. The image above was taken from the balcony of our condo looking south to the storm clouds.

So it is likely that i won't be getting any additional sun today--but that is good as I have had two days of sun screen failure and am a bit toasted--not bad, but for someone who prides himself on spending days in the sun and not getting burned it reminded me that I don't like sun burns.

So likely a quiet day--maybe I'll see a movie or something different. Diving is definitely out! I probably would be shaken apart trying to get out of the inlet.

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