Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Morning - Makayla Wakes us up Sick

I heard the whine--and then I smelled it, the sure signs of a sick dog in the bedroom.

Never a pleasant way to start the day--especially when it is 4am and the mess is substantial--and not just confined to the bedroom but as we soon discover, is also in other locations around the house.

And the clean up is not easy--the washer will be busy all day cleaning rugs, towels and even bedding as the mess increased in size.

Makayla is being put on a strict water diet and confined to her cage until her gastrointestinal system settles a bit.

She hates the cage--but is taking it like a trooper. For our point--we are trying to contain the mess because it is really awful.

So we are up early watching TV and we are listening to a unhappy dog squeaking from her cage. Trying to settle her stomach and keeping her quiet.

A long day starting early. A sick dog and a huge mess still processing through the washer and dryer.

Vacation is only days away.

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