Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm going to be a real bore

No, I'm not on vacation, yet.

But by this time tomorrow I should already have miles behind me as I trek to the beach climates.

And I love that I can instantly blog via email and with pictures from my iPhone. Did I say that I really like my iPhone. I still can't believe that I have adapted to it after so many years as a Blackberry high power user. (Thanks, Chris)

The packing is mostly complete--the last use items are being loaded into the bags for quick access.

We are still getting rain--last night I would guess close to two inches. Fortunately the lawn got mowed last evening just before the rain began. Literally, the rain was beginning to fall as I was making the last pass on the yard and parking the tractor back into the garage. My rain estimate is based of course on the level of water in the pool--so it is close but not scientific.

As for an update--Makayla is doing much better. We kept her on a water diet yesterday and began giving her boiled rice last night. The spewing has stopped and her eyes remain bright. She wasn't amused that I wouldn't give her my last piece of toast this morning--but we want her gut to really settle down before we start loading it up again with food, treats, and junk.

I really wish I didn't have to go to work today. Yesterday was a killer--just shy of 12 hours. Reminds me of high school when I used to work Fridays (or during the Christmas season) with Dad at the clothing store-- 9 to 9. Except there we got breaks for lunch and dinner. Yesterday--I didn't even have time for lunch and managed to straggle home for dinner. Thank goodness traffic was moving on the beltways as I was coming back from an afternoon meeting on the other side of D.C..

It is funny--as I sit here I can imagine the smell of beach in Jupiter and the tickle of the sand on my toes.

Like my puka shells, it transports me to a happy place.

And so with strains of Willie Nelson playing in my head--I head off for my last day of work for July 2010 and then it will be off onto the crowded roadways to add my small assistance to help sustain the economic recovery.

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