Sunday, July 18, 2010

New AA-type organization Needed: ABAA

I don't play many video games--my friends and kids will tell you that.

I got addicted to Texas Hold em on my Blackberry some time ago--but wow, I need help new.

I am an Angry Birds addict.

And worst of all--it is always with me on my iPhone or iPod.

Everyone I know is playing Angry Birds--

I have completed all of the released levels (there are more coming) and now I am going back to get three stars on all the levels. One the most recent release--I worked each level till I got three stars.

It is addicting.

We need to start an Angry Birds Anonymous Association to help those of us who dream about over-sized cardinals being catapulted through the air to destroy buildings and eliminate green pigs to extract revenge on the pig forces for stealing their eggs.

Birds--with an attitude!

Boy am I glad I can't take my cell phone into work with me!

These birds are real home wreckers.

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