Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally, Some Snorkeling

Well it took over a week for the water to calm enough to allow some snorkeling off my favorite Jupiter island beach, but this morning it did and I went out, armed with my camera, to see what I could see.

And did I ever see a lot--it was awesome. I suppose, if I had actually remembered to set my camera on the correct settings the pictures would have been better. As it was, I had to do some magic to make them as good as they are. I even found a free program to help reintegrate the red into the green and blue. Yes--I forgot to switch my camera from land to sea mode. Duh!

Once I got out from over the rocks, the water cleared and I found myself in a large school of the fish you see here. sadly, I left my fish identification book home and do not know what these schooled fish are, but there were a lot of them and they had a lot of company: snook, a jack, a couple barracuda, and a tarpon or two.

I was out there with them for a long time enjoying all of the fish and then occasionally, I'd head in over the rocks to view some of the sergeant majors, and an Atlantic spadefish among other fish that were there. The waves crashing on the rocks though, made them somewhat harder to both linger over and see the fish amongst.

I got a pretty good shot of the barracuda--there were actually two of them and they were pretty little guys, as barracuda go.

A couple of really cool shots happened when an especially big wave broke out over the more open water and it stirred up the bottom--you can see the sand rising in the picture. The school continued to swim over top of the cloud coming from the bottom and it gave the appearance of the fish swimming in the clouds.
I felt bad that Nicole and Mike left before the water got to the condition it was today, but even so, it was still too rough for Chris to trek out. The waves crashing on the rocks for the 100 yards between the edge of the rocks and the shore made for a rough transition and there was a strong current pulling down the beach. It took a lot to stay in one place.

But it felt good to finally be in the water with the fishes rather than just looking at or sailing upon the water.

Good things seem to be in store for the week ahead.

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