Sunday, July 25, 2010

Romantic Evening Beach Walk

Moon over Carlin Park in Jupiter, FL
Last evening, after dinner and to help work off a scrumptious dinner, we went for a walk along the Atlantic at Carlin Park.

It was beautiful as the day was beginning to end and the waves were moderating just after high tide.

From where we stay it is a very short, less than 5 minute, walk to the beach.

And we were treated to a very beautiful evening along the near deserted beach. As the sun was setting, behind us of course since we are on the Atlantic side of Florida looking east, the colors of the sunset were reflected in the clouds.

We found a point of rocks and sat for a while watching the waves crash up into the air on the rocks and the colors of the day begin to deepen into those of the night.

And then, just to add the perfect exclamation point on a near perfect day, the moon appeared from behind a cloud the add the perfect ambiance.

We looked at the clouds and thought that the dark one to the left of the moon seemed to be a small dog jumping up to catch a ball (the moon).

Thanks to the magic of the iPhone, we actually were able to image the scene to help us remember the moment, the thought, and the emotion.

This is what vacations are all about after all--experiencing those things that we cannot regularly enjoy where we live, making memories we hope we never will forget, and recording them with cameras to help ensure that we really won't forget them.
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