Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Musings - July 12, 2010

1. The Orioles have a four game winning streak, tying their longest winning streak of the season and also, they completed their first road four-game sweep over another team since 1995. Is the season beginning to turn around? Will something miraculous happen during the stretch run to October?

2. It is amazing how quickly it passes--I noticed this morning that already the dawn is just beginning to break when I let Makayla out for her morning business. Just last week it was full daylight.

3. Well the World Cup is completed and Spain won. I was cheering for the Netherlands. It seems that the losers in this tournament were the teams I was cheering for.

4. BP is still playing in the Gulf of Mexico--but based upon their reporting, their stock increased in value overnight. Really? What about the clean-up efforts?

5. Is is vacation week--when the packing is done and the car is fueled sometime Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning, the blog will be heading south for the rest of the month!

6. There is a song that sings about "suntanned toes in the sand" --I'm so there.

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