Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Musings - July 5, 2010 Reflections of the Independence Celebration

1. Riding in a stuffed full metrorail car from DC to Greenbelt last night was a new experience with screaming babies and full of themselves young people. I had visions of a Stephen King type of ending for the train as it sped through the tunnels under the city and then broke into the night as it came above ground. Thankfully, he writes fiction and this was real life.

2. Spending the Fourth of July with a few hundred thousand of my closest friends reminded me that patriotism is still alive in this country despite the daily dose of depressing news and frustration we exhibit in our elected leadership.

3. This terrible picture is of the fireworks exploding behind the Washington Monument from a spot on the West Lawn of the Capitol Building. Don't tell her I admitted this--but Chris found an awesome spot to watch the fireworks among the thousands of like minded people assembled for the event.

4. Watching two extra dogs this weekend has reminded me that I really love my one true dog.

5. The weekend has been idyllic--I have spent a lot of time on a floatie in my pool. But, yesterday I did have to repair a broken valve in the pool house. Thankfully, I still remember how to sweat copper.

6. It is really nice to have a day off after the late night celebration. Maybe Independence Day needs a two-day celebration so we can all recover after the night before.

7. I read the following in the NPR review of the July 4th this morning: Chicago traditionally celebrated a day early on July 3 with a fireworks display that drew more than 1 million people, but the show was canceled this year to save at least $500,000. The city held three smaller shows on Sunday. I believe Chicago has lost something. An event which brings 1 million Americans together to celebrate the birth of our nation must not be lost.

8. One of the songs the band played in church yesterday was I Am Free. Although we didn't sign the song, I was reminded that we are free to worship, to sing, to enjoy life and to share our love with those around us.

9. It was interesting to look out over the crowd last night as the fireworks were lighting up the sky and see the number of iPhone and camera LCD screens of people doing the same thing that I was doing--trying to capture the moment for posterity in digital image. I stopped after two shots and decided to capture the moment in my memory--and just to enjoy the music, the fireworks, and the company of the two beautiful women who were with me.

10. 234 years--thanks to a few founding fathers for their vision, their dedication, and their willingness to risk everything to follow a dream. I only hope we still have a portion of their patriotism remaining in our souls.

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