Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jupiter Beaches and Evening Libations

The day dawned and we sallied off to one of our favorite beaches for some sun and enjoyment.

We returned to the sights and sounds of the ocean and the birds. And even the pelicans on patrol which wing over the beaches on a regular basis. Flights of three or four of the pelicans can be seen swooping over the beach and then the ocean.

And there were the sights on the beach, too.

The Jupiter Lighthouse still stands guard over the inlet a symbol and guide to the mariners.

We discovered it is a lot easier to read the newspaper on the beach when it is on the Kindle. Less pages to be blown about in the wind. Chris, however, is reading one of her books--also easier via Kindle.

Although the ocean was rough and we could not snorkel, its raw power was something to behold and admire. The waves crashing on the beach and the children playing on and being tossed about by the waves squealing their enjoyment in full voice.

And the birds--searching for their next meal from some unsuspecting crab who lingered too long out of the safety of its hole. I guess it won't make that mistake again.

We went over to our favorite watering hole for happy hour in the evening. The Square Grouper continues to be an awesome place to enjoy day's end. Is it like the Sundown Celebration in Key West? No, but it is an enjoyable way to wind down from the day.

Beach in the morning and happy hour at a a great watering hole. It really doesn't get any better than that,

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Mark said...

If you get over onto Singer Island, drive down the tiny dead end street known as EAST WAY. There is a small L shaped apt group there, 1 story only. We used to live in the end apt when I was a kid.

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