Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sports Debacle: LeBron James

We have reached a new low with sports.

The self-proclaimed king is no king but a pathetic wanna-be.

The amount of hype around a sports player moving from one team to another team is so out of proportion to things of true importance to the world and life that it is appalling.

The amount of money these guys are being paid to so something most of the rest of us pay to do is unfathomable and truly shows how out of touch these over paid players are with the people that watch and ultimately pay their salaries--most of whom are making less than $50,000 per year as compared to the multi-million dollar salaries they are making.

Teachers make more of an impact on the world than sports figures. They make $30-$50 thousand per year.

It is wrong that someone can be paid so much money just because they can play a game with a ball.

And then they ascend into privileged status.

I didn't watch the special--I don't care about the NBA. But I do know, I'd play MLB for a lot less than all of the players are getting paid. The league minimum is about $400 thousand a year. I'd be really happy with less than half of that to play baseball every day.

It is an example of the worst that our society has to offer. Our military personnel are losing their lives overseas and being compensated with extremely small amounts of money by comparison

Think about it--the President makes about that much and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

The Christian Science Monitor put it this way:

At a time when 15 million Americans have no job at all, we should be indignant about pro athletes like LeBron James earning more than $15 million a year.

I urge you to click the link and read the article--but, I am going to reprint the last three paragraphs here. The author Jonathan Zimmerman makes a solid closing argument with which I happen to agree strongly

Who needs to take home $15 million or $20 million per year? Nobody. But we all need to take account of the wealth – and the poverty – in our midst.

Perhaps we can use these astronomic athletic salaries to make a fresh case for higher marginal taxes on the super-rich, just like we had in the old days – and just as many European democracies have today.

LeBron James shouldn’t get paid such an extraordinary sum, when millions of Americans aren’t getting paid at all. And it doesn’t matter how good a year he had.

We need to change our priorities!

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