Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Musings - August 31, 2009

1. Summertime and fairs seem to go together. Hawkers on the midway add to the ambiance.

2. When August gives way to September, the cool breezes portend a weather change that ultimately results in Autumn frosts in the air.

3. The real end of summer is when the teachers return to school!

4. There is a satisfaction that comes with completing a complex project and actually being pleased with the results. It makes the heart yearn for something more, or what's next.

5. I had a racquetball heavy week last week--I played on five separate occasions including Saturday, I think it may be a new record. I feel it today.

6. The eyes of children at a fair reflect the chaos and joy that is surrounding them.

7. I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for a 90-year old friend on Saturday night. That is not something you do very often. And it was great. I only pray to see 90 and still be able to enjoy it.

8. As of today, the O's have 31 games left to play this season. They can only lose 4 of those remaining games to achieve a at least a .500 season. They are currently the 28th best team in MLB. Even the Pittsburgh Pirates have a better record that the O's this season. The scary part is that they need to win 9 of the remaining games so they don't finish with a 100 loss season. It could be close! Hold your breath and put on your rally cap.

9. Someone told me that everything I wrote in item 8 doesn't matter because it's football season in Baltimore! Summer truly has left the building!

10. And speaking of summer--you want to know what it is really all about? California 6, Taiwan 3. Little League World Series final! I wish I was coaching Little League again--maybe soon I will be!

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