Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Project -- Some pictures

Well--I've been writing about it and I think it is time for some pictures of the project--which is nearing completion.

I did have a set back. I had designed the installation to with the idea of having air flow from the bottom to the top with a 2 inch spacing--but when we put the TV in the hole--it just didn't look right. So I am in the process of making the hole a bit smaller.

The door--didn't exist before the project began and it is used to access the area behind the enclosure where the electronics are being installed. We are using an rf to ir converter to make everything work.

I don't have a current picture based on what I did this morning--but the mudding is going really well and we should be painting by Monday evening or Tuesday at the latest.

We have already had the TV installed and test drove it. It looks great and the whole thing is really going pretty well. Patrick is the genius behind the electronic installation.

We have also installed electricity through the back wall and the HDMI cable to run the TV as well. Two cords is all it takes! Amazing.

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