Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Project: Install a New TV

It seemed so simple--buy a new big screen HDTV to replace our old, outdated 65 inch big screen TV.

Remove and replace!


Welcome to a major deconstruction/construction project--which has already netted me two new tools! One is a compound mitre to replace the one stolen last year--so the net is only one new tool. But you know--that is the part I like best about projects--getting new toys (errr tools).

Well--it turns out that once the big Mitsubishi was removed there is a large (read enormous) hole which needs to be filled. And with that the fun and enjoyment of of a new HDTV to watch all the best that sports the U.S. has to offer dissolves into an OMG construction project of mega-proportions!

So Patrick and I have been deconstructing and rebuilding for the better part of the week.

Progress is slow--but we are not trying to hurry. We are trying to do a first rate job.

I have some pictures that I will publish as the project matures--but we are really being creative and if the plan achieves only a small percentage of its goals--it will be awesome.

Anyone want/need and old TV?

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