Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

The cool breeze surprised me
As it whisked on by
Cleansed of Summer's heat
And dampness
It woke me
To the imminent ending
And made me relish
The memory of Summer fun

My feet were dangling
In the clear, warm water of my pool
Swishing aimlessly
As I reclined and napped
And I knew that this repose
Must all too soon end
Giving way to Autumn's chill
And Winter's squalls

September is standing
On my doorstep
With its promise of colorful leaves
And colder breezes
Closing the chapter
On Summer's fun
The same as the cover
That will soon go over my pool

Beyond the Autumn
I see
Winter's cold and nearing grasp
Aware of what is coming
But wishing I could remain
Where the warm joyful breezes
Play with the carefree waves
That break along the beach all day

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