Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Musings - August 10, 2009

1. Returning to work after vacation is really a difficult thing to do. I liken it to being a kid on the day after Christmas and realizing there are 364 more days until Christmas! Only, there are only 330 more days until vacation!

2. Sunday afternoon. The smell of steaks on the grill, the sound of the O's losing another game coming from the radio, and I'm napping on a floatie in the pool. What could be better?

3. Doesn't two weeks ago seem like a long time past?

4. We had a really fun filled weekend--a party given by my boss on Friday night, a dinner/pool party we hosted on Saturday evening, and the kids and grandkids at the house on Sunday. No wonder the lawn didn't get mowed! Know what--it'll be there later today for me--I would not have wanted to miss the time with all of the friends we reconnected with over the weekend.

5. Anniversary season falls during early August for our family. My parents notched 55 years and Chris and I , 34 years this past weekend. Wow--in our case, few believed it would last when two 19-year olds got married on a hot August evening in 1975. I know from my stand point--I wasn't thinking about where I'd be in 2009, I was just trying to get through 1975.

6. Marriage is a journey. A journey begins with a single step and a marriage begins with a single day. Make each step and day the best they can be --and they start to add up. You almost don't notice them as they pass--but every year as you pause and look back on all that has happened before, you realize you're making progress.

7. Pictures are a great way to remember fond times and good friends. I think it is great the electronic media allows us to so widely share our experiences with others!

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