Sunday, August 30, 2009

State Fair Day

August, 30, 2009. The Maryland State Fair with the entire family.

A beautiful day in the mid to low 80's with a lot of sun and fun.

Cows and pigs and rides and fun.

Throw in some food (funnel cake) and a great time.

And watch Jackson dance or Ethan have a wholesome experience with a cow!

Who knew that's where milk comes from?

Cows--did I say cows?

Rides, fun and sun. We arrived as the fair opened at 10 AM and stayed until it after 3PM. It was good to be reminded that Maryland is a great agricultural state. Although I was distressed at how many of the hay entries were disqualified for infractions during the judging.

But it was a great family time together for part of the day. We enjoyed being together and traveling across the grounds in a big group.

Ah--the memories of summers past and present. That is what it is all about--really!

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