Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Post-Vacation Blues

I think I have discovered a new malady: Post-vacation blues.

Yup--I think I have it--bad.

The root cause is returning to life after a two and a half week vacation to find nothing has changed! (I mean what did I expect?) AND--couple that to mourning the loss of some great vacation time in the sun and surf.

I keep looking at the vacation pictures remembering the relaxing (mostly) time had in places where I wasn't facing mountains of email and projects that I wasn't really motivated to tackle.

I mean--don't misunderstand--it was good to get home and back to life in Maryland (especially my dog), but wow, my head is still somewhere else and thinking about the next time I can do it all again.

Ah--but sadly, this too will pass.

Soon I'll get excited about the next email action item, or about cleaning the garage (for real this time) or swapping out the leaking gas tank in the Jag (it has two).

Although napping on a floatie in the pool helped a lot yesterday--then there was that accusing voice that reminded me that there is something fundamentally wrong with napping on a floatie when there is so much to do around the house.

But in my mind--I'm still on vacation.

And so what if I want to take a short nap after a long day catching up at work, drink some wine (although it was awful!), and then watch the O's finally win a game--on the road!

Who has a right to be so judgemental about what I do or don't?

Maybe I'll drown my sorrows and go purchase another big screen TV (like 55 inches) tonight so I can start another major project in the basement entertainment room. That will make me feel better. At least until the Best Buy bill comes in the mail next month!

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