Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Musings - August 3, 2009

1. It's August already? Is it me or is this year rocketing by at an unbelievable pace.

2. Punctuality. Hmmm. Read an interesting article about it. Chronic lateness shows a lack of respect for those with whom you are meeting. Everyone's time is valuable.

3. Returning to work after almost three weeks of vacation is one of the toughest things I have to do in a year. I haven't worn socks in that entire time let alone shoes. Ugh--my feet are dying right now.

4. Why does it seems that no where sleeps as good as your own bed?

5. I watched what could have been described as the first professional football game of the season yesterday--if you only look at the score. The Boston Red Sox scored two touchdowns (one with a two-point conversion) and a field goal in beating my Orioles who scored a touchdown and a field goal; 18-10. Oops, forgot--it was a Major League Baseball game. Someone forget to bring pitchers to the game?

6. Why do vacations have to end? Especially, when they were great vacations.

7. It is reassuring to note that even now, after all these years, I can still pull an all-nighter drive across the country. It was fun to watch the sun rise again and be on the road. I keep hearing strains of Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" in my ears though.

8. You really learn a lot about people when you live with them for a week.

9. The beach in Cocoa Beach is a great swimming, surfing beach. It is also good for walking on and playing in the shallow surf. Unfortunately, though, there isn't any local diving or snorkeling.

10. Guanabanas in Jupiter is a really cool restaurant to enjoy. I highly recommend it.

11.. Poor visibility can be a real downer when snorkeling--almost as bad as when driving.

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