Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings - August 24, 2009

1. Wow--weeks do fly. I totally missed last week's installment of Musings because I was so busy with the TV installation/construction project. Ever notice how some people are just ready to pile on? I have already been asked what my next construction opus is going to be! Let me finish this one first, please.

2. This August is the first time in 28 years where we have not been sending one of our children off to school/college. There was one year when we had some time off--but this is really permanent. It is really different.

3. August has screamed by--after July and the great vacation, the pace of life has been really unbelievable.

4. Psalm 90. Yesterday in church it was the topic of the message. The comment was made--"that when we have nothing left but God, then we understand that God alone is enough." That kinda stuck with me.

5. An interesting thing happened with the Orioles yesterday--they won their first series since the All Star break by taking a series from the Chicago White Sox. It really has been that bad since early July!

6. Some would say football season is here--hurrah! But I hear those words and think of the end of summer coming too soon and with it the beginning of birthday season for the family. We have a lot of birthday between now and the beginning of next year!

7. I'm changing my racquetball schedule from T-Th @ 0530 to M-W-F to see if I can get in even better shape and improve my fitness level a bit more. Day 1 was OK. And I guess I will still do the league on Tuesday nights--if we have a league this season. The club is determined to mess with the schedule and screw even that up.

8. Know what really makes me smile deep inside? Hearing Jax say "pop-pop" over and over as he comes (runs) to me!

9. A good timeout is sitting on the sofa watching Transformers with Ethan! Yeah--go get 'em Bumblebee!

10. I saw an enjoyable movie over the weekend--Julie & Julia. I recommend it. There are slow spots, but I have always been fascinated with Julia Child and Meryl Streep does a great job. Turns out there is a whole section in this month's Wine Spectator about Julia Child! Awesome.

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