Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scenes to Remember

Did you ever go somewhere and see a scene that you just had to remember?

Sometimes I look at the sun reflecting off the clouds in the evening, as the pinks and reds are beginning to color them and wish that I could record how they appeared to me.

Not the way they look to the camera--cameras record the scenes as they are, not as we see them in our mind. Did you know that there is a difference?

How many times do you look across an open space and see a beautiful pastoral setting and then as you go to take a picture notice the ugly power lines running across in front of you?

We had a similar situation this summer driving away from Key West.

We were watching a water spout--which believe it or not is in the picture, travel just off shore along the road. It was fascinating. And there were two of them. We were so focused on the spouts, that we didn't even notice the power lines in the foreground of the picture.

But in my mind--I remember the water spouts. Not the power lines.

We transform scenes in our minds--removing the ugly and replacing filling the space with how we want to see the scene.

Like a beautiful day along the banks of a small lake in Florida watching the wildlife. It is something beautiful to remember. A happy place, so to speak. A place where there was joy and fun and excitement.

We forget the oppressive heat, the mosquitoes, the long walk. We remove the imperfections to make it a place to dream of returning to--on another day.

It has become another scene to remember in the movie of my life.

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