Saturday, February 4, 2023

Swinging into Saturday

Egret in the Surf
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter ,FL
February 3, 2023

 The great weather I have been enjoying disappeared last evening when a cold front blew through and was replaced by heavy clouds, colder temperatures, and threatening rainstorms. Sadly, that means today will likely be an indoors day. 

But, Friday was not a loss. The day began bright and beautiful with another walk along the beach. We saw an egret fishing in the surf of the flat ocean. I was able to get an image of the bird silhouetted with sunlight reflecting off the ocean. It was a very different aspect from the day before. 

I wasted most of the rest of my day waiting for a wine delivery. I cannot begin to express my frustration with UPS at this point. They provided a four-hour delivery window right in the middle of the day and then delivered the wine two hours after the window. Once the expected case was delivered, it became clear that something was not right. Six bottles were missing and those delivered were not wrapped in the winery packaging. Suspicion? Six bottles were stolen, the remaining six were rewrapped into another box and the label from the original box was cut off and pasted onto the new box. I have photographic evidence! I called the winery and they are taking the issue to UPS and sending me replacements.

Trucks and Tunes
Constitution Park, Tequesta, FL
February 3, 2023
With the passing of  the cold front, Chris and I almost decided not to attend Trucks and Tunes in Tequesta. We were late because of the delayed wine delivery and the ensuing conversation with the winery, which is in Oregon, so the time difference actually worked in our favor. But, we bundled up in warm clothes and decided to head over. We discovered that, like us, many people decided to wait and see about the weather. It turned out to be a great evening and by the time we departed, the place was full of others enjoying the live band and food trucks.

It was a fun evening and we were glad that we braved the cooler temperatures to attend the event.

What a crazy Friday.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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