Thursday, February 23, 2023

Flat Water

Flat Atlantic Ocean
Jupiter, FL
February 22, 2023

 Walking the beach in the morning when the weather is nice is like opening a gift. I never know what to expect until I am standing on the stairs atop the sand dunes. 

That is what makes heading to the beach for the morning walk so invigorating and far better than walking around the neighborhood where I am assaulted by the sounds of vehicles and landscape maintenance equipment.

Shore Bird Taking off from the Beach
Jupiter, FL
February 22, 2023
Yesterday was a prime example. The ocean was flat! That almost never happens. Even the waves coming to the beach were some of the smallest that I have seen. The waves have transitioned, in less than a week, from monsters crashing on the beach to become gentle and almost caressing. That is part of the daily enjoyment, discovering what will the ocean be like today?

The birds and wildlife on the beach change daily as well.  I continue working with my camera to capture birds in various stages of flight, as in this image from yesterday of a shore bird taking off as I approached. The flat water provided a nice backdrop.

Yes, it was another day in South Florida.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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