Thursday, February 9, 2023

Pelicans in Texas


White Pelicans
Fulshear, TX
February 8, 2023

Here we are, west of Houston and nowhere near the ocean and we were shown a large flock of white pelicans wintering on a local lake. They were a sight to see paddling around mostly together. 

We watched them paddle around together for a while. I had hoped to get closer, but they kept moving away from us. 

Single White Pelican
Fulshear, TX
February 8, 2023

In doing some research, I found that the White Pelicans winter in the Houston area but migrate back north to the Dakotas and Canada for summer breeding. There are a number that likely got lazy and remain in the Houston area full time, but this group seems too well formed to be locals. They appear to be together waiting to return north. 

-- Bob Doan, Weston Lakes, TX

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