Sunday, February 12, 2023

Celebration Week


United on the Ground
West Palm Beach, FL
February 11, 2022

It is Super Sunday. The culmination of the NFL season is today when the Kansas City Chiefs face the Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy and bragging rights as the best team in football for the next year.

Yesterday was a travel day. Chris and I enjoyed a pleasantly routine flight from Houston back to West Palm Beach and then home. The trip was made more enjoyable as it was a direct flight and once we took off we knew that we would be sleeping in our own bed at night. 

Today, however, will be consumed with preparations for the Super Bowl. We are not hosting a party, but will be attending one. I was amazed at the mixture of baked items in the store yesterday for Valentines Day AND the Super Bowl. It was quite a sight, but Key Lime Pie is always good and covers both celebrations.

Remember, Valentines Day is Tuesday. It is a busy week of celebrations. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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