Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Sea and Sky

Fishing Vessel (FV) Lady Lily
Jupiter, FL
February 21, 2023

 It was a day bookended by sea and sky.

During our morning beach walk we observed a large fishing vessel off the coast. There were actually two vessels sailing in tandem towards the south. They did not appear to be fishing and my Marine App identified them as Lady Lily and Big Ben. I took an image of Lady Lily as she was making her way along the coast. The very interesting aspect was that I cannot find an image on line of the the FV Lady Lily. Weird. As my image was at a great distance, it is not very clear. I found an image of its sister vessel, FV Big Ben and they appear similar, which is what I observed yesterday. 

Jupiter, Venus, Moon
Tequesta, FL
February 21, 2023

Closing out the day, Chris and I decided to enjoy Chinese for dinner and as we walked out our front door we were confronted with an astronomic beauty. There they were, nearly in a line, Jupiter Venus and the Moon filling the western sky just after sunset. The colors of the fading sunset were still visible in the sky. It was a sight to behold and we enjoyed our walk to and from the Chinese restaurant accompanied by the two planets and the Moon. We had been watching Jupiter and Venus for a couple of days and last night the Moon joined in the astronomic dance. I was reminded how difficult it is to get a good image of heavenly objects especially against the fading light of the sunset. Ugh! But I think I did OK. The other problem I had was finding a place where streetlights did not find their way into the image. I had a great image of the three in my viewfinder at one point with a silhouetted palm, but I could not get rid of the streetlight and keep all three objects in view.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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