Thursday, February 2, 2023

Instructions are Misleading


Happy Groundhog Day!

The groundhog saw its shadow and the forecast is for six more weeks of Winter! I can handle that living here in South Florida.

Happy Hour on the Beach
Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
February 1, 2023
And so there we were, sitting on our favorite beach at the end of a busy day. During the day, I had helped Fran erect a pergola in his lanai. The instructions that came with the kit indicated that the project should take about 45 minutes. Ha!

We began constructing the pergola about 9:30 AM. It was finally erected, with additional help from a neighbor and Mary, about 2:00 PM--but it still was not completely done. Screws need to be driven into the concrete and additional screws need to be installed in the beams. OK, why the difference in time? Well, this pergola is double size from the instructions, it is constructed with very heavy pressure treated lumber, and there was cutting involved. It is fairly clear that there instructions were written for a pergola using pre-cut not pressure-treated lumber, like the 8 foot 4 X 4s that come direct from Home Depot or Lowe's and the pergola would be a single span of 8' square.

Looking East Over the Ocean at Sunset
Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
February 1, 2023
We survived without major injury although at times I was concerned about the sanity of what we were doing. 

And so to celebrate victory over the instructions and inanimate objects, we decided to wash away the sweat, frustration, and problem solving of the day by enjoying dinner and Happy Hour on the beach--beginning at 4:00 PM with sunset being at 6:02 PM. It was again an awesome way to end the day.

I do so enjoy sunset Happy Hours on the beach.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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