Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sights from the Road

Sandy Point State Park on August 25, 2013
Driving home from Ocean City on Sunday early afternoon, I was able to enjoy the sights along the highway because I was not driving. I was sitting in the back seat of a bright orange (Crush) Jeep with no doors and the top down being blasted from every direction by the wind. 

It was an experience. I enjoy convertibles, but the driver is protected form the direct force of the wind by the windshield. Not so in the back seat of a Jeep. 

As we traveled, I enjoyed the scenery, mostly because I usually drive and cannot really enjoy the sights while keeping a watchful eye on the road. This is especially true for crossing the Bay Bridge--which is a white knuckling experience for many people. 
Jer's Jeep after one run through the Obstacle Course

On Sunday, I was able to examine Sandy Point State Park from the relative safety of the back seat. IT was a busy day at the part with what appeared to be hundreds of people enjoying one of the last days of summer (or was it one of the first real days of summer). 

I was able to take in the scene, the people, the bridge, the boats. I even took a quick image on my cell phone camera to remind me of the relative freedom of being blasted by the wind in the back seat. I noted that it was much cooler on the bridge over the water than it had been on the hard surface of the ground. Very cool--almost cold.

The trip changed my perspective, for the better. I longed to be on the beach--but I was also anxious to be home and crossing the bridge meant that home was just a few minutes away at the conclusion of the over two hour trip from Ocean City. 

As the weekend was coming to a close, I knew that I had had fun and experienced something that I long to do again. Next yeah.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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