Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moon Over the Atlantic

I stood in the Ocean City sand last evening as the moon was rising over the ocean. It was very dark except for the Moon's light reflecting off the rough surf.

The surf was black and rough as it crashed onto the beach. The scene was stark, no colors but the cold moonlight casting its eery glow across the water.

I have seen paintings like this, but only occasionally do I pause to actually stand and watch the Moon as it shifts higher into the sky over the ocean.

I thought of sailing by the stars and moon light and I was also reminded of camping when the moon's glow was so useful.

Last night I was just able to stand and enjoy the scene as the rising tide began to lap against my feet. The sand was cold, unlike the daytime when the sun makes the sand too hot to enjoy. The are was cool I sensed that the approaching autumn has begun taking possession if the evenings.

It was hard to break away and return to the warmth of the condo, but it was late and I was getting cold. And it as time to leave the darkness and return to the light.

--Bob Doan, writing from Ocean City, MD

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