Friday, August 30, 2013

School is Back in Session

Duckett's Lane Elementary School
It has been a slow, staggered start for some of my family, but school in Maryland is back and the kids are in class--more or less.

Jax has been a bit slow starting kindergarten, I like the way they ease the kids into it--he finally had his first day yesterday. I talked to him in the morning before he departed for day one and the excitement was clear in everything he said.  Little does he know, or care, that he is embarking on a 13 year program of education that will be with him from now until he is ready to leave home for college.  I know, that is a really deep and depressing thought for the first day of school--ever.

Ethan has been going all week to third grade. I got to spend Tuesday afternoon with him during a family mini-crisis and he is taking it all in stride. He had a really great summer that I got to enjoy with him and I think he is ready to get on with back-to-school part of the year.

Even Lucas is in school--albeit, preschool. I think the program and the structure will be very good for him and it will make him ready for the transition to the "big house" when the time comes. 

In my own neighborhood the construction is finally over, almost, and the new Duckett's Lane Elementary School has opened in the area where a 10 acre forest previously stood. I wonder if they cut down Winnie the Pooh's 10 acre wood to construct this new school? I miss the forest, it was a lot more interesting to look into as I drove by.

I have been amazed at how insensitive the county has been to the residents in the area in their quest to get the school open on time--and it almost didn't. Part of the school remains "under construction" but most of it is open and read to roll. Now we have a camera controlled school zone, rerouted lanes, and constant vehicles replacing the massive construction equipment that have occupied the space for the past two years. While they relined the roads, they have not made portions of the street no parking to accommodate the new lanes and so it can be a real mess at times. 

I took the picture of the school one evening as Chris and I were walking just before it opened. 

School days are here again. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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