Saturday, August 31, 2013

Morning Visitors in the Yard

Trapped somewhere in between "Oh, they are so cute" and the realization that they were eating hundreds of dollars of foliage was the emotion that I felt this morning as three visitors wandered through my lawn and into my life.

Fundamentally, I like deer. Having a mother and two fawns wander into the yard is a stop, watch, and enjoy moment. The hostas will grow back next year--except I will have to implement a deer mitigation strategy to protect them.

But, my lot is secluded and they have been wandering around the fringes of the yard for years. There was a small herd of about four deer last year--hopefully it will not grow too much this season when they start running together and I can see them once the leaves fall from the trees.

The deer were fun to watch for a few minutes as I struggled to keep Makayla from barking and wanting to go out and play, or chase them from the lawn that she is convinced is hers and hers alone to use and protect.

I have seen quite a few fawns this year, sadly many of them are dead alongside the highways. It is a struggle for them to survive and if we can carve out a way to coexist--then that is a good thing. 

Makayla, unfortunately, is fond of their droppings. Dogs can be such animals at times. 

Well, it was a great way to have a nature encounter from the comfort of my house with a cup of coffee in my hand.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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