Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Musings - August 5, 2013

1. What is the real magic of Disney? Every kid knows that it is Daddy's (or granddad's) American Express!

2. I have  been enjoying the nice, cool summer evenings. Oh, wait, it is still early August--it is supposed to be hot and sultry!

3. I made it into my pool yesterday for the first time since returning from Florida. It was good to be in the water again even if it was only my pool.

4. It is amazing what a creature of habit I am--I had a small issue with my tractor yesterday when my right foot thought it was on the brake instead of the gas. Fortunately, nothing was severely damaged.

5. The Orioles have been losing more than they have been winning lately--I hope they break out of the funk soon!

6. We spelt with the windows open for the first time in a long time last night--the heavy vegetation growth successfully deadened the noise from I-95 and me allergy medicine allowed me to breathe. It was nice.

7. Sometimes tragic things happen which cause me to reassess how fortunate and blessed that I am.

8. Sitting outside last evening, enjoying the end of a busy day with Chris was the best way to end a day. It it almost as god as a late happy hour on the beach--at least the company is the same.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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