Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From the Evening Air into the Dawning Day

Last evening, as the sun set over the house and I had completed installing a replacement sink in the basement, I was pleased to see a record number of bats flying over the yard scarfing up those pesky mosquitoes. I was sitting there thinking and relaxing after an extra long day--who knew that sinks could get holes in them and my mind wandered to the scene form the baseball game last week with the setting sun reflecting off the clouds in the golden hues of the evening.

I am still amazed that the temperatures seem so autumn like--and despite being a summer person I do enjoy the cool evenings and low humidity. Yet, this is a hard time. as the realization that summer may be ending too soon is setting in. Being the crazy that I am, I long for the dog days of summer and wish it were hot so that we would be counting the days until relief arrived. It is here.

Today is dawning anew, with the hope and promise of the morning, yet, I am off on a very hard trip today to upstate NY today. The cool temperatures will not moderate the grief and pain that that my family is experiencing. There are no good answers, only hope and faith in God's plan. And so we are gathering--to mourn and to remember.

The drive today will provide some time for reflection. It has been crazy busy since I returned from Florida. I have to pay for my transgressions of being away. Tomorrow will be harder.

And then it is back to be immersed in the joys, and pains, and activities that make up my life and remind me of how blessed I am.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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