Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Boys, Mud, and Jeeps

I attended my first ever Ocean City Jeep Week and discovered something that I never even imagined, riding off road in a Jeep through obstacles and mud is a lot of fun. Especially getting stuck in the mud and getting pulled out so that trying it again to get it right becomes a personal vendetta. 

I was an observer at most of the activity--as I didn't have a Jeep of my own to attempt to break, but that was OK, maybe next year I will have one of my own to take into the obstacles and trails--just for fun. I did witness one Jeep which sadly punched a hole in its transmission pay and had to be towed off--it was a sobering reminder of what can happen when we play just a bit too hard. But, the overwhelming majority of the Jeeps came off the field with only a smattering of mud to show for their efforts.
Cory, Jeremy, and Patrick with their Jeeps

This Jeep weekend was near and in Ocean City, MD and used venues in Berlin and the Pocomoke Fairgrounds for the events I attended. 

My observation is simply--get a Jeep, be brave and just add mud!  Thin mud is better than thick mud which can cake on the tires and throw off the wheel balancing. 

The Jeep show showcased hundreds of different Jeeps from WW2 Willis decked out survivors to the newest JK's and all of the models with mods in between and was truly a sight to behold on Saturday morning. I just never knew how passionate people could be about Jeeps--and not just guys, but gals and even whole families. 
Best in Class

What really impressed me was the camaraderie among and between the Jeepers--everyone was helpful and thoughtful. People loved talking about their Jeeps and the modifications they did to them. There were very few "out of the showroom" Jeeps on display--most had modifications and some were truly impressive.

From the image of the Best in Class for Military Jeeps, you can almost get a sense of the rows and rows of competitors for different classes at the show in Berlin. It was a huge field full of Jeeps and their owners ready for the day. And, it was over by noon so that those who desired could participate in the obstacle course.

American made fun--Jeep.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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