Friday, August 9, 2013

Rain, Cool and Pool

Chris and I in the Magic Kingdom
This August seems more like September, I am longing for some heat and humidity.

That written, the mosquitoes do not seem to mind the cool, damp season we are having. They feast on me every time I head outside to try to enjoy the times when rain is not falling from the sky.

Fortunately, I enjoy playing a sport which is an indoor sport and so I can at least enjoy racquetball--even if the month off I took during July is making it hard to regain my questionable form.  I still enjoy crawling onto the court at 5:30 AM and working out the kinks in preparation for the day.

Every day is a new adventure it seems.

I wish it were warmer so that I could enjoy my pool a bit more. I spend a lot of time and money every season on the pool and it is a shame not to be able to use it to its fullest. It is hard to get excited about the pool when the skies are gray and the water cool. I suppose I just need to take the plunge and get onto a floatie.

Despite the prevalent gloom of overcast skies, I still find ways to appreciate each day. There are great things that happen--and of course there can be some sadness too.

Today is a special day. Chris and I celebrate our anniversary--more years than I care to count or ever would have believed when it started so long ago as two kids looked into each other's eyes and said, "I do" to each other.

It was a hot August day back then. Times were tough, I was in college and we really didn't have a clue about what was ahead. But, taking each day as it came and making the best of every situation has helped us through.

Some day I hope we will get it right.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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