Thursday, August 22, 2013

Darkness Falls but not my Spirits

I noticed it last evening as Chris, Makayla and I headed out for an evening walk.

I confirmed it this morning as I walked Makayla before heading off to work. 

Darkness is falling earlier and staying later, ugh. I almost need to use the flashlight to clean up after Makayla. 

The darkness is beginning to take its toll on the available sunlight. August has been a bust in terms of weather with rain, cool, and gloom being the usual fare of the day; and now the darkness is gathering in preparation for the final assault upon summer.

Why am I projecting ahead? Because autumn arrives exactly one month from today.  Schools go back into session next week and because vacation is over many people erroneously believe that summer has ended.

It has not.

Summer is still with us. We need to celebrate despite the gathering darkness that causes gloom. Summer is with us for 31 more days.

Labor Day is coming.

September is coming.

I'm thinking about splitting my time between the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere so that I can enjoy perpetual spring and summer!

So despite the darkness, there is still plenty of summer to celebrate.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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