Friday, June 4, 2010

Sleep--Why is it Elusive Sometimes?

The alarm woke me this morning. That doesn't usually happen. Most often I'm already awake waiting for the alarm to signal the start of the day.

But this morning--the alarm had to do its duty and wake me from a restful slumber.

I usually sleep pretty well--only occasional bouts with mid-night insomnia. Sometimes the animals--cat or dog, wake me for some need or as they shift around in the bed. And then there is Chris--yes she snores, and when she has a bad night I often wake up.

But last night--the stars aligned and once my eyes closed, they did not open again until the alarm informed me that my allotted time in bed had ended.

And when I woke up--I realized that something really special had happened. I slept all night.


Did I feel great? No, actually I was a bit groggy and would have stayed in bed had it been a weekend.

So I'm grumbling that I had a great night's sleep and had to get up?

Isn't that just like a guy--unhappy that something good happened.

I don't know why a full night's sleep is elusive, but I know I should appreciate a good one when I experience it.

And so, I will and I do.

Maybe a repeat performance tonight when I can sleep until 9 AM rather than 5:10 AM?? (Yes, my alarm goes off at 5:10 AM on mornings I do not play racquetball)

Do you think there is a chance?

There I go again--grumbling about something special that happened today.

OK--thanks for a great night sleep. May you all have one, too.

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