Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jax--Another Update

Miracles do happen.

I have called Jax our miracle baby since he survived heart surgery at 6 days old.

And Jax continues to demonstrate that miracles happen--and we believe they happen as a direct result of prayer.

Jax has been undergoing a new round of health problems which proved to be extremely elusive. You can read the saga on Nicole's Blog--but most recently, he was hospitalized as many of you know, for some really deep and often uncomfortable (downright painful) tests.

Here is an excerpt from Nicole's Blog regarding some of the most recent testing:
Update 5-26-10: Jax had what I am calling the last round of blood work done last Friday, the test results should be in on the 28th. It was to test to see if his body responded to the new Prevnar vaccine. I am not holding my breath, but you never know. We did go 5 days (a new record) with no fevers, but sadly he was running one last night.

And now for the rest of the story, and the miracle.

After months of testing and looking at an under performing immune system--everything is normal. His body created the required antibodies for the Prevnar vaccine, and his levels are normal.
Every other test that has been run is negative. AND I can tell you, they were looking for some really scary things--we became experts at trying to decipher medical-speak while reading some very in depth Internet articles.

So we are claiming a victory and a miracle of the triumph of prayer!


Jax continues to be a witness to all of us of the power of prayer and how when believers pray together that prayer changes things!

We continue to ask for prayer for Jax to overcome the fevers--but the miraculous change in his immune system is something we need to celebrate and thank God for.
And so for all of you who read my blog--either in its native form at A Bob's Life, or on Facebook where I have it automatically linked; and took action by praying, Thank you!
Your prayers have been answered, as have ours.

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