Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oil, Money and Frustration

It's the President's fault!

Which president?

Well, BP's of course?

Really, for the lack of effort on the clean up and the oil slick heading for the Florida coast?

Yeah--the President of the U.S. and BP and whomever else is involved.

Where is Congress???

Our representatives are asleep at the switch it seems. They are consumed by special interest items but are not mobilizing to put some sanity in the situation that has developed in the Gulf of Mexico.

And where are the movie stars who always seem to be campaigning for some crusade. Haven't heard a peep from them, either. Don't they care as much about the Gulf as they do polar bears in the Arctic?

And the thousands of barrels per day of oil keeps leaking and no one is doing anything except wringing their hands and watching the oil begin wash up on the beaches. We are looking at an environmental catastrophe greater than Chernobyl. And we laughed at the Russians when it happened.

Really? really!

From the Wall Street Journal here is a good explanation of the situation:

Mr. Obama's political challenges were evident in Alabama Monday, where leaders and residents said their state has been deprived of vital resources for fighting the spill. Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has been vocal about his dismay with the federal effort to protect Perdido Pass, a waterway near the Florida border, and Perdido Bay, a scenic waterway central to the fishing and tourism industry in both Alabama and Northern Florida.

This is a political issue--and it should be an environmental issue.

And now for the rub, also from this article:

Mr. Obama said he has begun "constructive" talks with BP on the creation of an independently operated recovery fund to ensure "legitimate claims are dealt with fairly, justly, promptly." He said he and BP officials hoped to announce a deal on the issue Wednesday following a meeting at the White House.

As a sovereign country--there is no need for constructive talks. Give BP the bill for the clean up--and then maybe someone will get off their bloated bottoms and start fixing the damage and preventing more!

Nuff said!

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