Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dawn of the New Day

I let Makayla out this morning for her usual walk around the yard to relieve herself and I noticed something in the sky. The colors of the morning were pushing away the darkness and bringing dawn to the slumbering world.

And so I looked it up in the official tables for sunrise and sunset and found that 5:11 am was the predicted time for dawn and that is almost exactly when I let Makayla out the door for her morning activity. Sunrise was slated for 5:42 am. We are should see 15 hours and 48 minutes (dawn to dusk) of daylight today--over 5 hours more than the 10 hours 37 minutes we will experience on December 1st.

And as I looked into the brightening sky, I thought about the promise of this Tuesday--the first day of June 2010 and all of my plans and activities.

Life is so busy--especially coming out of a three-day (or in my case four-day) weekend.

I am looking forward to Florida in July! A mere 47 days away.

But I don't want to get there so fast that I miss the joy in between which will include a wedding and the Independence Day celebration, the end of the school year for Chris, and so many other events and happenings.

It is similar to when I get behind in a racquetball game (which seems to be happening more than less lately). The key to success is not scoring all the points needed to win on one serve--it can't be done; but in racquetball, much like life, the key to happiness and success is to play one point, or one day, at a time and to give the best possible effort in every situation.

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