Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racquetball Blues--Going Through Life with Cement Overshoes

I've been playing some really mediocre racquetball lately. That is different than just losing--because even when I win games, I know that I'm usually not playing solid racquetball and instead I am relying on my experience and craftiness to overcome large deficits.

Sometimes it works--but more often, it falls short.

I accept losing when I know I've played hard and good--in fact those are some of the best matches when both players have their A games.

Lately, all I'm bringing is my C minus game. And yeah--I lost a match the other night I wanted to win but definitely got outplayed in.

It is like I'm moving in slow motion through not only the game--but sometimes through life.

Perhaps it is loss of focus, but I just don't feel that emotional charge to control either the racquetball game or some of the events in life--I'm just reacting and then often slowly.

I know I'm just in one of those phases--and hopefully I'll snap out of it soon.

I know some beach time is coming in a couple of weeks and that always recharges my batteries.

I'd like to leave the cement overshoes at the beach--or better, leave them offshore to become part of an artificial reef.

Today--I'll slog it out in the trenches. Taking on each action or task as it comes counting the days until the scenery changes to sand and palm trees. That would be 21 days--but then who is counting.

I guess I am.

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