Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oil Spill--Ecological Suicide

The oil is still pouring into the Gulf--and yet the story has all but dropped out of the news.

In classic American style--we've grown bored of the story and so our interest has waned while the environmental damage continues to mount at rates we cannot comprehend.

There is a great website called Google Crisis Response - Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill which I encourage you to check out.

It continues to document the extent of the oil spill and the efforts to contain it--which are largely or completely ineffective.

And we have done just as BP had hoped we'd do--totally begun to ignore the damage and the disaster.

We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of accepting the activity because we are bored with hearing about it.

It is still happening.

Here is something I found just this morning about the disaster:

The article is at Is BP Burning Sea Turtles Alive? and is reported by Fox Tampa.

VENICE, La. - A boat captain working to rescue sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico says he has seen BP ships burning sea turtles and other wildlife alive.

Captain Mike Ellis said in an interview posted on You Tube that the boats are conducting controlled burns to get rid of the oil.

"They drag a boom between two shrimp boats and whatever gets caught between the two boats, they circle it up and catch it on fire. Once the turtles are in there, they can’t get out," Ellis said.

Get this--over 82 MILLION gallons of oil have been released into the Gulf so far and rising daily! Bet you didn't know that did ya? My swimming pool is 40 thousand gallons. This would be more than 2050 of my swimming pools full of oil!

Did you know the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of oil? We are already at a spill 8 times larger than the Exxon Valdez.

Congress need to get their heads up and get into the game. Total ecological destruction is being allowed to occur. AND--there is no assurance that BP's plan to plug the well with cement (which is supposed to occur in August) will work either.

What do we do?

1. Write Congress and let them know how concerned we are. Advise your senators and representatives in Congress that we expect action and not to trust BP, because so far--they have been wrong at every juncture.

2.Stop buying BP products--anything from BP just to make a point.

3. Don't let this story drop from the news. Keep reading and become informed. Keep pushing for answers.

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