Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Musings - April 5, 2010

1. The musings today are bit late because it is a travel day. Spring
break. Yay. A good reason for a trip.

2. Easter was awesome with the entire family together. I can tell the
boys are getting older because they played together.

3. The competative nature of some people is very evident during Easter
egg hunts. Wow. Some people really need to chill.

4. Do you know what the best part of traveling is, aside from actually
getting to the destination? That time after clearing security and
before boarding the plane. Why? Because it is that in between time
when you can still walk around and you no longer wonder whether you
will make it to the gate in time to board.

5. I miss my dog already. Why is that?

6. Reconnecting with family can be a good thing. I'm glad we did some
it this weekend.

7. The weather was so awesome the past couple of days, we turned the
heat off. Take that BGE!

8. And so, my transition to the darkside is complete. Armed with my
new iPhone and the AT&T network I am off to learn the ways of dropped
calls and life without my Blackberry.

9. Ever notice how a six day trip is really only a four day vacation?

10. Funniest thing heard today so far. The Southwest Airline cabin
crew describing how to use the oxygen mask: "and when you stop
screaming, put the mask over your nose and

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