Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Geysers, Wine and More Fun

The Napa adventure took on its first full day of excitement yesterday.

We were all up early and decided to do some sight seeing in the Calistoga area. There are two sights worth the effort to see: Old Faithful the Geyser (not "The" Old Faithful, but an Old Faithful) and a Petrified Forest. So it was very applicable that we began the day looking at natural wonders before enjoying the wonders of the grape.

I have always been amazed that there are places in the earth where water boils and shoots out with such force to create geysers. This one varies in frequency and while we were there it was erupting about every four minutes--which is really pretty exciting. Actually--extremely exciting and interesting. It was one of the things I definitely wanted to do while we were in Napa--and I was really happy that it wound up the first thing that we did--even before grapes. Well, it opened at 9AM and the wineries don't open until 10 am or later.

The second sight we visited was the petrified forest to see the huge redwoods which were blown down during a volcanic eruption 3.8 million years ago and subsequently petrified. They are huge! One is so big they actually tunneled into the hillside to demonstrate how big these trees were. It didn't make a very good picture though.

The tree pictured here was laying where it fell and had become rock--due to the rain--the area around the base of the tree had filled with water--but you get the idea of how they were laying.

Both of these sights are in the Calistoga, California area and only five miles from each other. The information at the geyser site indicated that it was the eruption of the volcano which used to be at the geyser site that blew down the redwoods that were subsequently petrified. So, it really isn't such a stretch to see the two attractions together.

And then there were the vineyards--but more on that later.

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