Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 2010

Low points and high points.

Did you ever notice the relationship between them?

It seems that when we hit a very low point in life, there invariably follows a high point or some type of mountaintop experience. And later, another low point. Followed again by high points.

I admit--I'm still looking for the high point after getting annihilated during two racquetball matches on Tuesday--but I'm sure I'll run atop one during my trip to Napa next week.

But here's the point--

I believe there is a relationship in our lives between high points and low points. If life were nothing but highs, in a pretty short time we would begin to not appreciate how good we have it and we would see the highs as average--or as an entitlement. Likewise, if life were nothing but low points--we would be very depressed and lack the perspective necessary to help us through these life turning and life wrenching events.

Good Friday and Easter together remind us of this cycle.

I have always believed that I must pass through the darkness and despair of Good Friday in order to truly appreciate the incredible and unmerited joy of Easter. And this is my personal journey every year, but it is through this dark path that I experience God's unbelievable grace and forgiveness.

I used to be so busy during the Lent-Easter season that I didn't have time to actually reflect on the meaning. On how the days were positioned just perfectly. It seemed I was racing from one church service to another and planning another--and before I could even stop to reflect, it was all over and I was sitting at the table after consuming a huge Easter Sunday meal wondering where the time went. Feeling deflated and let down.

Surely there is something more?

There is.

I can appreciate the cycle now--

It is like Springtime. I never would enjoy Springtime as much as I do without having struggled through another Winter. It is in facing the Winter that I can find renewed joy at those first signs of Springtime.

And so--take a moment today to reflect on the your blessings, and if you are so moved, to reflect on Good Friday and why although it seems oxymoronic, the name Good Friday really isn't.

Many blessings on you--and may your joy be full and bright in the morning when the sun/son shines upon you. May your day be peaceful and filled with what pleases you most. And may you always give thanks to God for the blessings that you have.

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