Friday, April 23, 2010

Dead Trees

They stand almost together at the back of the yard among other tulip poplars. They are tall and there are now three of them.

For some reason as springtime arrived in each of the succeeding past years, they didn't wake up from the slumber. And now they stand, mostly devoid of branches which have fallen into the yard and been removed, rapidly becoming a potential danger to the trees around them and to the yard should they falter and fall.

And they will fall--like one of their brothers who fell last year and served as firewood during the past winter, keeping us warm on those all too cold nights in February during the deepest part of the Snowpocalypse.

So I need to call a professional and have them felled, so their falling does not cause undue damage. And then I can begin preparing them for the next phase of their existence--firewood.

I guess that's the green thing to do--in honor of Earth Day which was yesterday, make sure everything is used and not wasted.

So these formerly majestic trees which provided a cooling summer canopy will soon be providing warmth during the cold winter months. Is that a cycle of life?

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