Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Joy of Being Outside in the Evening

Until almost 8:30 pm last evening, Makayla and I enjoyed being outside working around the house and then ending the day with a walk in the deepening twilight.

In a tee-shirt. Doing fun stuff like mowing the lawn, and getting the pool pump put back together and operational in advance of my favorite Saturday of the year--pool opening. And then getting the back deck area cleaned off of all of the tree flower debris.

And I did all of this in daylight.

Yesterday, I noticed that I was once again driving to work being treated to skies that are bright and full of the colors of the dawn. Yay.

It was a short two months ago we were still reeling from the incredible snows and cold--and now, the trees are in leaf, the flowers are up, I have mowed the lawn now three times, and I am seriously thinking of opening the pool in advance of the onset of the summer swimming season.

And look at what is ahead of me--Memorial day, a wedding, Independence Day, vacation, the dog days of summer. I want to be able to enjoy each one in its time and not worry about rushing from one to the next.

All of this because I enjoyed a solitary evening around the house with my dog.

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