Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

The day dawned with sun kissed clouds in the sky and Springtime trees and flowers in full bloom. The birds were chirping loudly and squirrels were performing their acrobatics high in the tops of the tulip poplar trees seemingly oblivious to the precarious nature of their activity.

The dog is whining to go out again to enjoy the beautiful Easter morning.

And I think I will go out in a minute to also enjoy the day, coffee in hand to smell the fragrance of multiple blossoms on the breeze.

And find some Easter eggs?

No, that comes later after church--because the Easter Bunny comes by just before the grandchildren arrive. Really? Yeah. I have some time to myself.

For the moment, it is quiet and I meditate upon the dawning of the day and the shock, disbelief, grief, and joy of about a dozen men and women some 2,000 years ago who woke up on a similar day mired in grief that soon changed into a joy that has continue through the centuries till today when we still remember that history changing event.

And we remember their greeting--

"He is risen"

And the response from the believers:

"He is risen indeed!"

Happy Easter.

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