Thursday, April 1, 2010

April First

Already the first day of the fourth month of 2010.

My how time flies.

We were struggling with snow and cold just a short time ago and today is supposed to be in the 70's close to 80 degrees.

I think I'll mow the lawn this afternoon just to celebrate springtime.

We have crossed over the 12 hour per day mark for sunlight as of about March 20th. In fact, we will have almost 12 hours and 39 minutes of actual sunlight (dawn to dusk) and over 13 and a half hours of usable light. It is funny how the sunlight gets stronger and longer by such a small amount each day that we barely notice it. But here is the really nice part--the high is supposed to be in the upper 70's.

I believe we can only truly appreciate these blessings because we have in the very recent past, had something so dramatic to compare them to. Let's remember February 10th--only 49 days ago. The high was 30 degrees, the total sunlight was 11 hours and 29 minutes, and we received 15.5 inches of snow.

I like this better. More better even.

You make the call:

15.5 inches of snow or top down on the convertible flying down the parkway?

I know my vote.

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